0effort APIs have completely transparent pricing with the tiered pricing model. We don't have any hidden costs and fees.

Pricing tiers

It is free to get started with all our APIs. This way you can test and integrate our products free of charge.
Each API has multiple pricing packages which are based on the number of requests allowed per month (request quota).
For your better understanding of this section, we will use a sample API as an example. Let's assume you subscribed to an API for which you are charged $19/month for 10,000 requests.
This means that you will be able to make up to 10,000 requests monthly without any additional charge besides the initial $19/month fee.

Overage fee calculation

After your initial request quota (of 10,000 requests from our example) is reached, you can still keep making requests, and we charge the overage fee for each subsequent request.
The overage fee is calculated based on the plan you have chosen. So, for our example from above, you are paying $19/month for 10,000 requests, which means one request costs $19 / 10,000 = $0.0019.
If you made 11,000 requests for our sample API from the example above, you will be charged an overage fee for only 1,000 requests (which are outside of the initial 10,000 request quota). The total additional cost will be $0.0019 * 1,000 = $1.9.
If you have any questions regarding our pricing plans please contact our support team ([email protected]).