📞Phone Validator API

Make sure your contact lists are accurate and up-to-date with our Phone Validator API. Improve your contact rate and extract information from global phone numbers.

You need to provide your API key for every API request you make. Please refer to the Getting Started section for more details.

You can check our Errors section to understand how we handle errors and the responses you will receive in cases when errors occur.

Validate phone number (/validate)

Effortlessly integrated API endpoint for validating the desired phone number.

Request parameters

You can provide phone parameter values with or without the "+" prefix.


GET /validate?phone=+4915903921132


  "phone": "+4915903921132",
  "valid": true,
  "type": "mobile",
  "format": {
    "local": "01590 3921132",
    "international": "+4915903921132"
  "country": {
    "code": "DE",
    "name": "Germany",
    "prefix": "+49",
    "timezone": "Europe/Berlin"

Response structure

Every successful response will have the structure explained in the table below:

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